Delta Module 2 – Developing Professional Practice

Delta Module 2 - Developing Professional Practice, a.k.a The big one. This is what Delta is famous (or perhaps infamous?) for. It is the module where everything about your teaching is put under a microscope, you are asked to go further into the world of ELT and linguistics, and you complete a seemingly endless amount... Continue Reading →


Delta Module 1 – Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching – An overview.

If you have stumbled across this post and are wondering what Delta is, please go to my first post and then come back. So, Module 1. Have you ever walked into a situation thinking you had everything under control and then realised you were massively unequipped to be there? Well, that's pretty much how most teachers... Continue Reading →

DELTA – An introduction

Before doing Delta I had in my mind that Delta was an impossible-to-conquer beast that only those teachers with years and years of experience would even consider taking on. Now, whilst I certainly wouldn't recommend taking on Delta with less than two, perhaps even three years of experience, I would, however, recommend viewing it differently than... Continue Reading →

So, you're thinking of taking on DELTA? Or maybe you're wondering what DELTA is? Here I plan to share with you all my DELTA experiences, thoughts, assignments and any tips that are likely to help along the way. If you have any questions that have not been answered in the blog posts, feel free to... Continue Reading →

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