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Jim Fuller


Back in 2014, I had the brilliant idea of moving to Italy to teach English, thinking I would stay for a few years, travel and then move on to something else career-wise. Little did I know that the world of ELT would suck me in and keep me in the industry!

Kicking off in Bologna, I began teaching young learners, teens and adults, in between stuffing my face with the mouthwatering food that Italy is famous for (Tortellini alla panna is my favourite!). Soon after, I got word of a Delta Module 1 course and immediately jumped at the opportunity. Seven months of study later, I finished Module 1 – a whirlwind of emotions – and immediately started Module 3, a further seven months of studying and writing. Then, seeking a change of scene, I decided to pick up and move to the Almeria, a small town in the south of Spain! Here, I discovered tapas and, needless to say, my waistline suffered slightly. I then took Module 2 via distance – another emotional and developmental rollercoaster. At the moment, you will generally find me relaxing on the beach or doing something related to fitness (trying to offset the effects of tapas) in between studying and researching.


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