First day openers

Even after five years, I still get butterflies in my stomach come first day of term. In my opinion, the first day of term is one of the most important as there is a need at all levels to both establish rapport with your learners and lay down the 'ground rules'. But how can you... Continue Reading →


Delta – The Alternatives

The Pond. In the world of ELT qualifications, the Cambridge Delta often takes the spotlight and it can be quite difficult to hear about any other diploma-level qualifications unless you go looking. This post aims to give you a brief overview of some of the other diploma-level qualifications available to English teachers, what the differences... Continue Reading →

DELTA – An introduction

Before doing Delta I had in my mind that Delta was an impossible-to-conquer beast that only those teachers with years and years of experience would even consider taking on. Now, whilst I certainly wouldn't recommend taking on Delta with less than two, perhaps even three years of experience, I would, however, recommend viewing it differently than... Continue Reading →


Have you found yourself contemplating taking the MA in TESOL? You want to show that you are committed to the industry and would like to develop yourself further professionally. Yet you remain hesitant. Should I take the DELTA instead? Will the time and effort be worthwhile? What will the breakdown of modules be? Here I... Continue Reading →

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